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With MyAquacultureFarm we want to offer an interface between research and industry. Scientifically developed models and methods are made available as practical tools for everybody to use.

Our Team

The MyAquacultureFarm team focuses on the digital future of the industry. Together with other research institutes and representatives of the industry, we work on scientifically sound and practical software applications.

Linda Tschirren

Linda Tschirren

Project Lead MyFishCheck

MSc in Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern Focus: Biology and welfare of fish

Mathias Sigrist

Mathias Sigrist

Project Lead MyFarmCheck

BSc Environmental Engineering Science ZHAW
Focus: Circulation systems, systems engineering

Ali Cem Güler

Ali Cem Güler

Software developer

Computer Scientist EFZ, Specialization in Application Development
Focus: Application development and full stack development

Our projects

Together with other research institutes and representatives from industry, we work on scientifically sound and practical applications.


Based on international literature and practical experience on local grow-out farms, parameters were defined to assess fish welfare in 5 areas:

  • Water quality
  • Farm management
  • Fish behaviour
  • Fish external
  • Fish internal

Each module contains several parameters, which are calculated into a module grade using a mathematical model. Some parameters are only relevant for certain aquaculture systems and some are specific to certain fish species. The model has therefore been designed to be flexible to allow modules to be assessed for different systems and species. Based on this model, a software application was designed which is now available for use as an Android app and MS application. The application is available for recirculation and flow-through systems with rainbow trout and pikeperch.

MyFishCheck in French:

We are working towards a broad accessibility. The App will be translated and be available in French.

MyFishCheck for European perch:

We are developing the App for further fish species. The European perch will be included in the App.


We plan further help for a fish farmer's daily business. A new software program will assist the mid-scale fish farmers with the maintenance, documentation, analysis, and optimisation of their aquaculture system

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